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Fort Collins Family Law Services

McFarland Law Firm is committed to providing honest, trustworthy services by a dedicated family law and divorce lawyer in and around Fort Collins. We believe in listening to YOUR needs to help you achieve your desired outcomes.


We know that getting a divorce can be incredibly difficult and stressful.  Have a divorce lawyer on your side that has your best interests in mind.  McFarland Law Firm can help guide you through the complicated legal divorce process.


We believe that you know what is best for your children.  At McFarland Law Firm, we can assist you throughout this confusing, sometimes contentious, process.  Let us help you obtain a solution that is beneficial for your children.


Colorado has specific statutory guidelines regarding child support. McFarland Law Firm can help ensure that these guidelines are applied properly so that the needs of your children are met.


Various life changes can impact your already settled agreement.  Let us advocate for you to make updates and changes that reflect your current circumstances.



Prepare today for the unexpected events of tomorrow.  No matter your age or circumstance, your interests need to be protected.  McFarland Law Firm can help you learn the nuances of wills and trusts so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

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